For centuries Celtic Britain celebrated the joining of a couple by a wedding in the woods, a Handfastening, the promise of one to another with nature as a witness.

The vibrant earthy life of the woods is a magical place to start a life together. In the great chapel of the outdoors, with towering trees supporting the canopy of the wood above, shimmering green sunshine filters through to bless your marriage.

For the Celts and Pagans the tree was a potent symbol. Standing for centuries, providing shelter, food and fuel it is unsurprising that they were revered and believed endowed with magical powers. Our wood benefits from a bower built from natural materials, oak symbolising beginnings, youth and renewal as well as birch symbolising strength and stability. So as you gather with friends and family to bless your joining, let nature and the trees of the forest join too in wishing you both strength and stability in your new beginnings together.

So if you are looking for a suitable place for a Celtic or Pagan wedding, or just looking for something different for your special day, Cheshire Bushcraft have a wide range of options, just give us a call to discuss what you would like for your Woodland Wedding.

Let us arrange your very special wedding day.

Camping on site can be arranged for your family and guests and a honeymoon teepee or yurt.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements 01606 88 22 23.

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