If your looking for a day out or somewhere to take the kids then try our coracle building workshop. You will learn how to build your own coracle and then you can take it for a sail in our pool and you get to take it home with you too. This exercise is great for everyone, it helps build relationships, creates new skills, brings out skills you never knew you had and its fun.

Course Information

This 2 day course will teach you the ancient techniques which our ancestors used to build a coracle. Build your own Coracle to take home with you. Learn how to sail it first in our on-site pool.

Price includes all materials required to build a coracle and paddle, After finishing the course you will be able to take the coracle home with you to varnish. Refreshments included.

We have on site facilities such as toilets, cafe, shops etc.

What is a Coracle?

The Coracle is a small light weight craft designed to be easily carried and use on fast moving streams. The word 'coracle' has its roots in the Welsh (cwrwgl), Irish Gaelic (cognate) and Scottish Gaelic (currach) languages.

Whilst they are well know for their use in Wales and West and South West England similar types of craft have been known of in other countries.

Originally coracles were made from willow and animal skin and water proofed with tar. Today cotton based fabrics are often used rather than animal skin. Although they look like very flimsy craft they have been used for millennia. Julius Caesar was so impressed with them he even used them as part of his campaigns in Spain and more recently the English Channel was crossed using one. You can learn how to build and sail your own Coracle.

To learn more about Coracles have a look here.

In this 2 day course we will show you how to build a Coracle using skills and crafts practised worldwide since the Neolithic times,

Our workshop will teach you how to build your framework of laths of timber lacing them together using clenched nails; build your seat and paddle; cover the framework in a calico skin and cover the calico cover in coats of bitumen paint .

While you coracle dries we will show you how to paddle your Coracle on our own pond on site.

The Coracle you build is yours to take home and enjoy this craft with tens of thousands of years of history.

All materials provided

Times: Courses are run from Wednesday to Sunday starting at 10am on demand; please phone to book in advance and to check availability

Cost £325 Max group size 4


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