Today the bow is seen as a weak and poor weapon, more of a toy than a tool, but in fact the bow is a very powerful weapon in both battle and hunting. Able to punch through an inch of oak at 100m is no mean feat and the longbow was therefore a critical part of Henry V tactics at the Battle of Agincort.

On our Ash Bow course you will learn all the basics about crafting your own bow including selection of the best woods for the bow and the arrows, tillering the stave into a bow, making string, straitening wood for the arrows, fletching the arrows (adding the flights) and of course lessons in how to use a bow effectively and safely.

Get to grips with a weapon that kept England free from occupation for four centuries, make your own small part of English history and learn about this fantastic piece of 13C technology from our experts.

The course covers:

  • Bow history
  • Wooden ash bow design
  • Wood selection
  • Bow woods
  • Tillering
  • String making
  • Arrow design
  • Fletching of arrows
  • Arrow making
  • Archery techniques

Max on course 6

Minimum Age 14

Times: Courses are run from Wednesday to Sunday starting at 10am on demand; please phone to book in advance and to check availability

Cost of course £325 per person, includes all materials to make bow

Cheshire Bushcraft offer an ash bow making course. On this course you will learn about the history of ash bows, how to make your ash bow and arrows and then learn the techniques. Its great fun and educational for everyone. Develop your bushcraft skills and get hands on with nature! We have lots of other courses, events and activities to choose from including our very own falconry where you can get hands on with our beautiful birds of prey.

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