Cheshire Bushcraft specialise in bushcraft and woodland activities, events and courses. They have something for everybody including a night in the woods, coracle building, family bushcraft, woodland weddings, hen & stag parties, woodland adventure and more. They also have a falconry where you can up close and personal with some stunning and fascinating birds of prey.

Spend the night in the Woods and take a late night walk with our Woodland & Wildlife Ranger.

As the sun sets the woods take on a new air; the final sunbeams filter through the trees and the camp fire is the only sign of light. Take a walk into true deep darkness of the night time woods. As your eyes adjust to seeing by star light, look out for owls and bats as they flit and swoop across the moon lit sky and between the tree tops. See a badger looking for a tasty night time snack or a fox out hunting. Hear the woods come alive as you fall off to sleep in a true bushcraft shelter and start the next day with a woodland breakfast cooked over an open fire.

The perfect family bonding experience.

Times: Courses are run from Wednesday to Sunday on demand from 5pm until 10am; please phone to book in advance and to check availability.

£125 Per Person

Cheshire Bushcraft provide lots of fun actitivies, events and courses in Cheshire. They have something for everyone including a night in the woods, coracle building, woodland weddings, birthday, hen and stag parties, woodland adventures, forest schools and more.